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Hanover, NJ Indian Wedding by Events Capture


Jaisalmer, Rajasthan Indian Wedding by Twogether Studios


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Mias Martini

Los Angeles, CA Indian Wedding by Greycard Photography

Nothing says elegance like the classic and avant-garde Indian wedding of Maharani Neha and Vishal. Flawlessly planned and designed by Modern LA Wedding, this one a of kind design team brought Neha's unique vision to life. If you missed the Indian wedding baraat led by Enchanted Carriages with makeup by Dolled Up by Lulu, click here. If not, let's w...


Los Angeles, CA Indian Wedding by Greycard Photography

Often times we see a Maharani making a grand appearance. However, Maharaja Vishal was ready to share the spotlight with Neha as he was ushered by a majestic horse from Enchanted Carriages to Casa Del Mar. Dolled Up by Lulu ensured this bride was anything but ordinary as she walked down the petal covered aisle. JnJ Florals blended foraged greenery, ...


Los Angeles, CA Indian Wedding by Greycard Photography

There is so much romantic goodness spilling out of today's special feature and I am so excited to share the love of Neha and Vishal to the world. The dynamic duo ensured that they had a blockbuster Indian wedding vendor list and with Enchanted Carriages and Ronobir Lahiri Music making an appearance, be prepared to take a trip into rustic romance. N...



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